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Ever wanted to customise your Sony play-station 3 to the Max? Ever wanted it to be like it's not even a Play-station 3? Well, Now you can!

Notes from the author:
Hey Guys Here’s an update to my XMB Modifier v2.0

Now Supports All Languages

========== V2.0 ================

Added Language Selector
Did a bit of Code Cleanup
Should Run A lot Smoother


Enjoy Guys

====Change Log=====
===== V2.10 ======
Sorted 4.46 compiler error

===== V2.00 ======

Added Language Selector
Did a bit of Code Cleanup
Should Run A lot Smoother
===== V1.00 ======
Public Release
Added Firmware Selector
Added Ability to add Custom RcoFiles For Editing
==== V0.02A====
Fixed Windows Xp Color Error
Thanks StarMelter,sandungas and KTD
==== V0.02 ====
Added Home
Added Compiler
==== v0.01 ====
Beta Testers
Added Startscreen Changer
Added Category Name Changer

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Its a pkg brother ?

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