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Hello everyone, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has supported the forum. I'm very happy you all are here.

I never thought i would try to make a forum, it's nice to see it come together and grow. I learned a lot from working with a bunch of good people on other forums.

I think we have a good bunch of people here things that have been said to me in regards to helping to support Team-PSN, well I'm surprised on the level of passion or determination people have. It's truly wonderful to be apart of the passion I see here. You really don't see that too much anymore.

Come and make the forum what you want , bring your joys and your pain when it comes to gaming. Let other gamers know what your doing, what your playing. Post your ideas, thoughts

Team-PSN is new not looking to compete with any other forum, would like to see a place gamers know they can come and speak freely about gaming and have a good time in the Team-PSN atmosphere

Lastly this is just starting where it goes from here who know, but i will say I have enjoyed every second of it. Jope Team-PSN can be the idea i have for gaming and gamers.

Thank you to the staff and members!


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much love brotha

If you need any help don't be afraid to ask happy

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Here with you all the way bro. glad to be here!

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Me too! happy

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thank you for making it happen xi!

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